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       Hope Project
Project aims chance hoping to raise the standard of living for 1700 a young man and woman in the Qaliubiya by providing employment opportunities for job seekers to reduce unemployment. So the project is to organize training courses for job seekers in addition to providing a suitable job that qualifies them to build a better future.
       Project News
Hope for Opportunity project was officially launched in January 2013; the project aims to assist 1700 beneficiaries’ youth and female heads of households get employed or become small entrepreneurs in Qalubiya governorate. The project will inform the skilled group about existing job opportunities, will train the unskilled to match the requirements of the labor market and will upgrade the small enterprise owners. The Alliance for Arab Women "AAW" is the implementing agency with the overall responsibility of guiding, supervising and monitoring the activities of the project. AAW office in Khanka, Masar in Banha  and Hayati NGO in Bahteem and Shubra El-Kheima is implementing the project activities on the ground.
A new economic unit was established in Banha to replace the economic unit that was established in Toukh , the new economic unit is established in Masar organization
During year 2013, Hope for opportunities project served total of  676 beneficiaries in Qalubiya governorate , according to the project objectives as 182 beneficiaries were provided employability skills training , most of the participants are fresh graduates from universities , the project provided technical training for 190 beneficiaries and were hired in 10 readymade garment factories. 100 beneficiaries received 6 days of  on the job training and were hired in one of huge readymade garment factories in Qalubiya . 204 beneficiaries from Khanka received loans with total 384000 L.E. number of 165 beneficiaries who received the loans attended 2 days training course on micro projects management.
In Nov 2013 a consultant was hired to make a detailed study about the job market needs in Qalubiya Governorate, the study will focus on three main sectors in the governorate, Readymade Garment, food processing and chemical industries, the project staff were participated in the process of data collection and 70 new factories were visited in addition to the factories the staff member visited before. The study is focusing on general view about the labor market in Egypt, classification about formal and non-formal employment, main features about Qalubiya governorate compared to other governorates, unemployment problems in Egypt and in Qalubiya , technical schools specialties in Qalubiya and its relation to job market needs , vocational training centers in Qalubiya and comparison to job market needs in the governorate , overview about related development projects in Qalubiya that focus on training for employment, the role of Industry union and chambers in the governorate, survey results , the problems facing employers in obtaining skilled labors and proposed solutions and recommendations.

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