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Job Vacancy
Computer Support Specialist Job Summary
.Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or computer engineering.
5 years’ work experience as system administrator.
Knowledgeable of windows server, SQL, and Exchange server.
Job responsibilities
Provides technical assistance, support and Training to the staff in the use of computer hardware and software.
Run diagnostic programs to determine the causes of and help resolve problems.
Resolves issues with Local Area Networks (LAN).
Assist with installing software, maintaining computer systems, and repairing computer hardware.
Provides feedback on computer hardware and software, guides improvements for future upgrades and consults on new software systems.
Configures applications, system software, hardware, and local peripherals; diagnoses and resolves various equipment problems.
Monitors antivirus software and updates.
Reviews and evaluates new computer hardware and software products; and recommends the implementation of new products.
Provides technical back up for network and systems

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