<span style="font-size: 13.3333px;">You can follow us now on Twitter @AAW_alerts -- Stay tuned for our news about "The first national convention to present the demands of Egyptian women" -- Within the framework of the national convention "Egyptian women partners in the Revolution" organized by The Alliance for Arab Women, the alliance is holding several preparatory conferences in all the governorates of Egypt, in order to discuss the declaration which will be sent to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and the Cabinet, to come up with recommendations to be submitted and discussed on a larger scale during the conference.</span>
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Modification of The Personal Status Law
Salama & Aman project aims at ensuring that women get all their rights ranging from legal rights to their right in a social and financial status that is both adequate and safe. Within this context The Alliance for Arab Women is working towards the modification of article (16) of the Personal Status Law and that is through a round table discussion under the name of "Reviewing the issue of temporary alimony, the reasons behind it being uncovered and the role of the media in spreading societal awareness by the interpretation of law articles". The round table discussion will be held on November 18th, at Flamenco Hotel in Zamalek at 2:00 pm.

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